Jack and the Diamond Sword

Once, long ago, there was a boy named Jack. He was a regular guy. He liked to pretend to play with pretend portals. He would pretend to have a gold sword, but he would use a wooden sword. One day, he saw a little portal in the ground. Then he touched it and it got bigger and bigger every time he touched it. Then it was big enough for him to jump in. He jumped through and there was a whole other world. He saw a powerful diamond sword with emerald spikes on it. He really wanted it, but all the monsters were guarding it. There were zombies with gold swords,  skeletons with diamond bows and diamond arrowheads, and skeletons on spiders with gold axes. The spiders could spit poison at you. Jack was scared of the world so he jumped out and then made the portal smaller and put it in a box in his room so that when he got better weapons he could go back in.


He asked his mom if he could borrow her car to go two blocks down the street to the weapon shop to get more powerful weapons. Finally he arrived at the weapon shop and he walked in. There was an old guy standing at the counter. Jack said, “Can I please borrow a gold sword just for three days?”


The old man said, “Yes. Yes, you can. But you must pay $15 dollars. If you keep it for more than three days, then you will have a battle with me and the weapons.”


Jack got the sword, went to his room and took the portal out of the box. He made it big enough to jump through. He jumped in with the sword. He saw all the monsters getting closer to him. The portal was closing, getting smaller and smaller every second. He didn’t have a choice — he had to fight the monsters.


The monsters were getting closer and closer. The skeletons were pulling their arrows back. The spiders were gathering poison from the ground. The zombies were sharpening their swords for the last time, and the skeletons shot their arrows. Jack deflected it with his sword, then chopped off the skeleton’s legs, and the spider started spitting out the poison. He ran from the spider and the zombies were getting near him. They were having a battle — him vs. ten zombies. The zombies all threw the swords out of their hands at him. He deflected them all with his sword. The swords went flying into the wall of poison and broke it. The poison was spilling out. Jack had to open the portal bigger again. He opened it too big and all the monsters got out, but not him. The portal almost closed, but he put his sword in the middle of it. It didn’t close.


He ran back to get the diamond sword and then he took his sword out of the portal and jumped through. He reached his room but the portal was destroyed. He could never go back in that world again, but neither could the monsters. The time went too fast when he went to that world. It had already been two days.


The monsters were in his room, trying to open the door, but they could not. They were stuck in the room. They were going to have a battle. The zombies had no weapons. The skeletons only had nine arrows left. And the spiders barely had any poison left. The zombies did not want to go in the battle because they had no weapons. So all ten skeletons hopped on all ten of the spiders. Jack did a flip over all the skeletons and spiders and killed all the zombies. So now the battle began: Skeletons on Spiders vs. Jack and a diamond and a golden sword.


Jack had his diamond-and-emerald-spiked sword in his right hand and the gold sword in his left. Then the skeletons fired all of the arrows they had left. The spiders spit out their poison onto the diamond arrowheads. Jack jumped to the side. He dropped his swords when he jumped and the spiders walked over for the skeletons to pick up the swords, but the spiders had bad eyesight and thought they were farther away, but they were stepping on them. The swords cut their feet off, and the skeletons fell backwards and their bow and arrows flew out of their hands.


Jack picked up both swords. He had one minute to return the sword or he would have to battle. The time was ticking down. He asked his mom to borrow the car with 30 seconds left. He hopped in the car with 15 seconds left. He arrived when he was three seconds late. He had to battle without the gold sword against the old man and his weapons.


He walked through the door and the old man said, “Hand over the golden sword and let’s battle.”


He handed over the sword. Jack did not see that the old man had a sword in his hand because it was underneath the counter. When Jack handed over the golden sword, the old man threw up the other sword. Jack lifted the diamond sword up to block the old man’s sword, but the old man threw the golden sword down at his feet because his hands were high and he was not looking. The gold sword didn’t really hit Jack. He was not such a good thrower. It cut off one of his shoelaces and the edge of the shoe but did not hit him.


The old man was mad that he missed. He unleashed what he really was. He was not an old man — he was an evil giant wizard with eight arms. He had a big cape surrounding his body that had stars and moons all over it. His brown hair stuck up like lightning. Jack saw a weak spot on the top of his forehead, where he did not have any hair.


He took a bow and arrow with two of his arms so he had six arms left. He took another bow and arrow for his other two arms on one side, so he had four arms left. And he had four golden swords, including Jack’s, on his other arms. So he had two bow-and-arrows, and three gold swords, and one wizard wand. He had all powers in the end of his wand.


He used electric power from his wand. He lowered his swords and shot both of his arrows at Jack. Jack ran down the street. The shop was broken down because the wizard was on top of it. He had as many bow and arrows as possible. He could just make more whenever he wanted with his wand.


Jack ran down the street. The wizard ran down the street too, breaking all the houses down. He was right behind Jack. Jack turned without the wizard looking, because he was too tall to see down low. He thought he was still running forwards because Jack was before. Jack turned to the wheat land. He ran through the tall grass, cutting the wheat with his sword. Then the wizard saw a line of cut-down wheat and knew that was Jack. He threw one of his swords down. The sword was so big that Jack could not get to the side of it or hop over it. He was stuck there. The swords were all blocking him in a triangular shape. The wizard surrounded the swords with arrows so that if Jack reached the top of the swords the poison would sink down on him. The wizard had taken the bow and arrows from the skeletons. He used a powerful spell to make a circle shield around it so that Jack could not get out. Good thing Jack had brought a bunch of really good working shovels. So he tried to dig his way out through the bottom. He finally reached out right behind the wizard. The wizard saw him and turned around and while Jack was trapped he was thinking of different ways to destroy Jack. He had one way to jump up and down on the street when Jack arrived so that Jack would get hurt hitting the street really hard. He started doing it and Jack got hurt but didn’t break any bones.


Jack had bruises and cuts all over his body, but there was no blood. But Jack did not give up. Then Jack ran towards the wizard, jumped as high as he could, threw the sword at the wizard’s weak spot, and the wizard exploded, and then he disappeared while in the air. Jack had beat the wizard and Jack could keep the diamond and gold swords and all the wizard’s weapons forever. And all the weapons shrunk to normal size. Jack had the wand. He fixed all the damage that had happened. Everybody in the village was so happy that they shot fireworks up. There was confetti. It was a great celebration.


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