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“I did what he told me, and five days later, I saw sprouts. Tiny green stems poking out of the ground. I kept watering them that same amount of water from my bottle, and by the end of the first month, I had several tomatoes that were almost ready for eating.”


“Turn right at the nearest green tree, and cross the lava pit. You will see a knight and ask him in to put you in the darkest forest. Cross the alligator-infested swamp and find the darkest castle. There you will find him.”


“Phil woke up in a dark place. It was as big as a football field. “Wow, that was intense,” Phil said. Phil was very scared. He started to think that he would be stuck here forever.”

Old Man

“Steve is 87. He is trying to get to his house from the supermarket. He has a cane. Steve wants to be independent because he wants to do stuff on his own. He thinks he can do things but he realizes that he needs help doing all that stuff. “


“The next day, a classmate, Michael, saw him all poor and sad, and Michael went up to Mark and said, “Hi, what’s your name? I am Michael, the leader of the class. Can we be friends?” Mark said, “Please be my friend!””

Heart School

“Our teacher, Mr. Germy, said that we should delay attacking the brain because we had a feeling that red blood cells were spying on us and then we could trick them into thinking we weren’t attacking after all, and when they took their defenses down we could attack then. “

Going Free

“A man waited with a needle by our truck. Already busy tattooing numbers on the arms of my fellow refugees. The thrum as we packed into the filthy dirty noisy truck like a bunch of pigs, and the open engine making it impossible for anyone to rest. “I want to be free,” I told my mother, and she said, “Time, Jonah, time. Life goes on, and we must follow.”


“So on the first night they heard a noise, it sounded like “Ruu ch chch.” One of them was trying to find where it came from and they noticed there was three animatronics on the stage, but one was missing.”

Fire Emblem

“The minions started coming and invading everybody’s houses for weapons so they could fight the Fire Crew, but there was a downside. Lucina’s minions don’t know where the blacksmith shop was and everybody’s houses only had silverware.”

An Army of Robots

“Jake looks down the hall — there’s a room with a sign that says ARMY ROOM. It’s white with conveyor belts marching on the ground. There are a thousand robots marching on the ground, and leading them is Dr. Lavaface. There’s a big robot-maker taking up half the room. Jake thinks, “If all these robots catch me, I am dead!””