Lilly the Cat

Once upon a time, there was a princess who had a pet kitty, and the kitty’s name was Lilly.


As you can see, Lilly is the real star of this show, not the princess.

Lilly wanted to fly. Unfortunately, there was a villain, named Bobette, who tried to stop Lilly from learning how to fly.

Lilly would not let Mr. Bobette — who was a flying pig — get in her way, and the tools that Lilly needed were a trampoline, feathers, and a cannon. She asked her mother, the princess Rebecka, for the supplies, using the special collar that Rebecka had given her that allowed Lilly to speak English. Rebecka brought a cannon into the trampoline and stuffed Lilly in the it. After covering her with feathers, she instructed Lilly to move her arms up and down like a bird. Rebecka then made sure that Lilly popped out of the cannon. Luckily, Lilly was not hurt, and soon she was getting the hang of flying.

Then Mr. Bobette caming flying at Lilly and said, “Oh no you don’t! Now you’re going to go back down.”

Lilly said, “Oh I won’t let you get in my way, I’m just going to keep flying.”

Mr. Bobette started fighting with Lilly. Their argument went on for two hours while they were both still in the air. Then, all of a sudden, Lilly began to feel like she was falling down into a black hole, but it turned out she was actually falling back down onto the trampoline. When she landed she realized it wasn’t the trampoline she started on, but the neighbor’s trampoline. That was what she got for forgetting to flap her arms. Now she needed a way to bring Mr. Bobbette down as well.

Lilly went to go find Rebecka, because the princess had a set of a bow and arrows that her parents had given her when she turned five. With that bow and arrow, Lilly would be able to shoot at Mr. Bobbette and bring him down to the ground.

Rebecka was worried that Lilly would hurt herself with the bow and arrow — both because Lilly was a cat and because Lilly didn’t have any training — so Rebecka offered to shoot Mr. Bobbette.

Luckily for them, Mr. Bobbette was still flying exactly where Lilly had left him. He was so used to flying he just kept going around and around in the same place for hours. However, when he saw Rebecka and Lilly with the bow and arrows, he said, “Just because you’re trying to shoot me, doesn’t mean I’ll let that stop me from being evil, and keeping Lilly out of the sky!”

What Lilly and Rebecka didn’t know, however, was that Mr. Bobbette was actually worried about Lilly getting hurt. Even though he was evil, that was why he refused to allow her to fly. Mr. Bobbette cared about Lilly, just like he cared about everyone else who tried to fly. He didn’t want anyone getting hurt, so wanted to keep everyone else out of the skies, unless they had been flying all of their life. Without telling Rebecka and Lilly all of that, he just said, “I’m warning you, Lilly! If you get in the sky again, you’re going to be in big trouble!”

Rebecka got ready to shoot Mr. Bobbette, but Lilly was actually psychic and was able to hear all of Mr. Bobbette’s thoughts about how he was trying to protect her. She pressed the button on her collar to speak, and whispered to Rebecka, “He actually cares about me! That’s why he doesn’t want me to fly! But you’re my owner and you actually care about me more than Mr. Bobbette does, so I’m going to keep flying, even if he doesn’t want me to.”

Rebecka dropped the bow and said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Bobbette. We were going to shoot you because you were mean to Lilly, but we know you actually care about Lilly, so we won’t shoot you.”

Mr. Bobbette started to cry, upset that someone had found out his secret. While still crying, he said to Rebecka and Lilly, “Just because you know my secret doesn’t mean anyone else will know my secret. And I have magical powers that will keep you from ever being able to tell anyone!” He oinked three times then dropped to the ground, casting his spell. “There, now you are still able to speak, but you will never be able to tell anyone my secret!”

“Well,” Lilly said. “Rebecka is a princess, and her father has a way to undo the magic of you and other people. And that means once she tells him that she’s been cursed, he will be able to help us, and then we’ll be able to tell other people!”

Mr. Bobbette started to laugh while crying, and milk came flying out of his nose — from where, Lilly didn’t know. “It’s not like anyone else would even care about me anyway.”

But it turned out that other people actually did care about him, and soon, every other person on the planet would know about Mr. Bobbette and his secret.

When that happened, Mr. Bobbette became very impatient and angry. He decided that he was going to freeze the whole world to make everyone forget about it. But Mr. Bobbette had found out that the king could take away his magic. Mr. Bobbette decided that he would have to make it so the king lost his magic.

So Mr. Bobbette flew to the the castle where the king, queen, Rebecka, and Lilly lived. It was a huge castle with six bedrooms, three kitchens, two dining rooms, seven bathrooms, and a playground outside for little kids to play in. And all of the royal family had very big wardrobes. Mr. Bobbette was jealous when he saw it because all he lived in was a well with his pet frogs. More determined than ever to steal the king’s powers, Mr. Bobbette snuck inside to find the king’s magic crystal ball to take away the king’s powers. Unfortunately, that crystal ball knew when there was an intruder and started flashing a deep red over and over again.

In the throne room, the king noticed his crystal ball flash, red and then black, which meant the intruder was getting very close to the king, just not close enough to see. “Oh no!” he said. “There’s an intruder! Lock up the gates!”

The guards weren’t listening though, and so they didn’t lock the gates. But then a troll came. The troll chased away Mr. Bobbette, but then went after the king.

“Shut the gates!” the king screamed, and then when no one did, he said, “You’re all fired. Except you, because you’re new.” He pointed to the new guard.

But little did he know that the new guard was Mr. Bobbette.

Mr. Bobbette took off his disguise and tried to take the jewel.

“Bobbette!” the king screamed. “I’m going to take all of your magic.”

“No! I will never let you do that,” Mr. Bobbette said.

“Never? I can do it to you if I want. I’m the King!!!” the king yelled, his eyebrows making an angry heart shape as his eyes crossed and he snarled. Then he screamed and chased Bobbette. He would not let Bobbette get away with it.

After that, Bobbette tried to say, “I love you king! Please don’t take away my magic. If you take it away I’m going to die.”

The king still took it away.

“Noooo, I’m dying, I’m dying…” Mr. Bobbette started choking and fell to the ground and died, so the kingdom could all be safe once and for all.

“Yay, yay!” everyone cheered.

But Lilly still didn’t know how to fly, so instead she ran into the bushes, because she was trying to get thorns in her to go to the vet, because the vet could give her wings, but it didn’t work. She would have to find another way there. Lilly went to go get a fake archery kit to make it look like an arrow was stuck through her head even though it was just a hat. Rebecka saw and took Lilly to the vet because she was very worried that Lilly had been shot.

The vet saw that it was a fake arrow and took off the hat, but agreed to give Lilly wings. Happy to have her wings, Lilly went home to celebrate.

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  1. Hi, Brook! I’m so glad your mom shared your story with me. I love it and wish I had pets that were as interesting as those in your story. I’m glad you are liking Writopia — you should keep writing; you’re obviously a natural. Love from NYC, Candice (your mom’s friend)

    1. Great story Brook! Now you’ll have to make some drawings to match the story. I want to see Lilly fly with her wings!!!

  2. I LOVE this!! So creative and full of details and fun little gems–like, where did the milk come from? Ha! From one writer to another, it’s the sign of a very clever mind, my dear. Great job!

  3. Wow — Brook — that was quite a story!!! We loved reading it!!! You are very talented to have such a great imagination!!! Keep up the good work!!! Love, Aunt Barbara & Uncle Perry

  4. Brook–How DO you think of all those stories? I love thinking about a flying kitty covered in feathers flying around arguing with a flying pig. Is there going to be a sequel?

  5. thanks guys hope more of you guys post see you all hopefully sooooooon # you guys awesome # you guys the best foreva

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