Tooth Fairy Trouble

Tooth Fairy Kate is in her house made out of teeth in the clouds. She is making a car out of teeth. Since she’s tiny, her house is small. It’s white because once the fairies get the teeth, they have to clean them so that they can use them. (They have a little factory where the teeth go on a conveyer belt, and they have little workers that brush the teeth.)

She goes to the store to get glue. Her glue is special because it is magical. Once she finishes getting the glue from the store, she goes to her house to put the last piece on the car: a little canine for the door.

She tries out her new car and drives around, but then, the bell in the cloud rings, and it tells her that there’s a kid named Angelina who lost her tooth. Tooth Fairy Kate needs to get Angelina’s tooth. So Tooth Fairy Kate takes her new car and drives to the child’s house.            

She creaks open the window and goes through and sees the bedroom. She finds a tooth in a cup covered with paper, so she takes the paper off, grabs the tooth, and drops off a five dollar bill. She brings her car and puts it on the desk so that she can take a break, but she needs to go to the bathroom. So she flies to the bathroom. She flushes the toilet, and she leaves to go back to the room. There’s a little paper on the desk that has questions for her.

It says, “What’s your last name?”

She writes that her last name is Daisy.

And then, she sees the next question which says, “How do you know when a kid loses teeth?”

She writes on the paper, “There’s a siren that tells you there’s a person who just lost a tooth. It is the child that you choose.”

There’s a little sign on the paper that says, “Here’s a present for you. It’s a purse.”

There’s a little toy purse there for the tooth fairy.

Kate takes her car and drives out, but it’s raining, and she tries to move her car, but the car isn’t working. She gets out of her car, and she dismantles the car. She takes all the teeth and puts it in her little purse that Angelina gave her, which she tries to use to cover her head, but her wings get wet .

She lands, gets on the ground, and tries walking, but there’s stomping feet everywhere. It’s hard for her because she might get stepped on, and the humans are 100 times her size.

She keeps walking, being cautious, and makes sure that she doesn’t stand right in front of somebody and get stepped on. She hangs onto the bottom of a man’s pants, and then he walks into a car, where it’s dry. Kate stays on his pants until her wings are dry.

She makes sure not to get wet and hides inside the ankle of the man’s pants. He goes into a nice building that’s white and big. And then she hears another man say, “Welcome back, Mr. President.”

In Kate’s head, she’s wondering what a president is. Then, she remembers they have President Toothhead back at home, and she’s thinking that maybe he’s this place’s President Toothhead. So she hops out and finds this nice blanket and stays there to go to sleep.

In the morning, Kate finds herself in a room where a little girl is sleeping on a bed, and she’s on a nightstand under a blanket. She hops out from under that blanket and tries to fix her car, but she still needs glue. She has to go see if there is a place where she could find some. She sees that there’s this furry thing under the bed, and it has a collar that says, “Missy.”

Kate says, “It might be a dog. President Toothhead says to always be careful of those things because they might blow your cover.”

She sees the dog, and she gets her wand and taps its head. Then, the dog starts to float because she put pixie dust on its head. The dog starts barking, and the little girl wakes up and says, “What happened, Missy?”

Then, the girl tries to jump on Missy’s back, but Missy is floating. Kate doesn’t want the dog to bark and let the little girl know she is there. She put the pixie dust on the dog’s head so that the dog would only bark because it is floating, not because she saw Kate. Kate knows that this is her chance to escape, so she tiptoes out of the room. But she is too late. The little girl sees Kate and picks her up!

Meanwhile, at Fairytopia, the other fairies are scared and worried if Kate is okay.

Kate is put in a cage, and the girl stares at her. Kate tries to talk to the girl, but since Kate is so small, all of the noise the girl can hear is ringing. Kate takes some paper to draw out what she means. She draws rain, herself with a frowny face because her wings are getting wet, and a cloud with fairies, and a house which is where she lives. Kate labels that, “Fairytopia.” The girl understands and lets Kate out of the cage.

“Hi, my name is Brittnie,” the girl says.

‘’I was wondering if you could let me out, please’’.

Brittnie leads Kate to the window. “Thank you for coming. You gave me an experience I will never forget,’’ Brittnie says.

Kate is happy, and her wings dry. She flies out the window, but before she does that, she reverses the spell she put on the dog.

When she gets outside, she realizes that she needs glue for her car to put it back together. Her wings are not that strong, and they won’t be able to fly all the way back home. She goes back through the window, but for some reason, the girl’s room is already a mess. She cannot find the glue because the room has toys everywhere.

But then, Kate remembers that the glue is in the dresser. She climbs the dresser and falls into one of the drawers. Then, it closes, and she needs to get out! She remembers that she has powers, so she pushes some of her powers against the front of the drawer, and it opens a little. And since Kate’s tiny, she can fit through. And so, she finds the glue, and she climbs down and starts gluing her car back together.

When she finishes gluing the car back together, she takes a test drive to see if it is working. She drives all the way back to Fairytopia. Everybody in Fairytopia is wondering if she is fine. They are worried about her.

Tooth Fairy Kate tells everybody, “I had a hard time bringing the tooth back! You don’t even want to know what happened.”

The end!

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