A Jittery Private Eye


There was a private eye

a jittery one

when he went on a mission

he jumped all around

Once he went on a mission

he went to the docks

the reason he did it,

was to capture an ox!

But when he did it

he jumped at a sound

the sound of an ox

made him run all around!

When he got back,

the leader said:

“Where is the ox,

you big noodle head?”

He said where it was

and he went to retrieve it

but when he got there

the ox was nowhere

He went back

to tell the bad news

to the leader,

who was in the middle of a snooze

When the leader would snore

the private eye jumped

When the leader woke up,

he yelled at the man:

“What are you doing without the ox?!!”

“I’m coming to tell you, that the ox is lost!”

The leader sent men

to go with the man,

to capture the ox

who was lost at the docks!

They went to the docks,

and saw the ox,

just walking around,

so they tried,

to capture the ox,

but instead,

they ran around the docks!

The private eye jumped,

probably 28 times,

and they captured the ox,

after at least ten tries

They went to the leader,

who said with a sigh

“wonderful job,

all of you did!”

And from then on,

when the private eye jumped,

everyone said,

“It’s nothing, noodle head!”

The leader made sure,

that the missions he went on,

no matter what,

would not make him jump.

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