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A Second Chance

“Chelsea and Maddie went to the backyard of Chelsea’s home and practiced. Then they found out that the Olympics was in four days and they wanted to practice; but first they thought about each other and they thought it was nice to be friends. Then they hugged each other and then they went to work.”


“We have also cured thousands of soldiers from wounds, poisons, and a deadly type of illness that will burn you alive. Ten years later, Atlas asked me to join the spies that go around bustling cities trying to find homeless children about at least ten years old, and I said yes. So my sister became a doctor and I became a spy.”

The Necklace Chase

“Sadie was watching this whole entire thing. Sadie saw Aliza running away with my necklace. In the bathroom I could hear Sadie telling Aliza to stop running away with my necklace. When I was finished with my business Sadie said, ‘Hurry Claire, we have to catch her!’ Sadie and I started running after her.”

Just a Girl, Part 1

Queen Zarfina, dead??? It can’t be. I pinch myself on the arm and blink. Nope, the headline’s the same. It was no secret that she had killed her sister Maria to be queen. Everybody thought that she would do whatever it takes to stay queen. She has dozens of the best doctors in the world working tirelessly in her research labs. But I guess karma has caught up to her.

The Drum Set

“Time stopped. Everyone around him stopped, even his uncle. The drums stopped. Something weird happened to his mind. It started to hurt. And he saw a picture. Then he thought, maybe it could be the future. He was like, ‘Why is everything frozen? Wait a second. Everything’s frozen! That’s awesome!’”

The Revolution

“The one thing he could see was a giant fist coming at him, and the next thing, darkness. When he woke up, the first thing that he did was rub the grogginess out of his eyes. It was a little blurry, but he could still make out that he was in a dark room with a giant figure looming over him.”

Tornado Boy

“Back to the book: it was all ripped up, and the title was Bressling. The pages were dark, the words were light. You could tell it was a very old book. One day, during recess, Elvis was reading this book. He said that he liked this book. I sat next to him, reading my own book. Suddenly, a tornado came out of the book and sucked Elvis in.”

My Life

“In the orphanage, my life feels a video game, with someone outside the machine controlling every move I make. When the video game gets too old or out of order, I will get out. The video game of life. Obstacles here and there popping up in my face. I wish I was like someone not in an orphanage, someone who has a perfect life.”


“I then felt a pang of familiarity that disappeared as fast as it came. When the little girl ran into the small cabin the whole vision flickered into a dark, cloudy scene with demon-like arrows flying into people’s hearts, but then the beautiful landscape came back.”

Pure Blonde

“I ‘ruined’ our family. Our family wasn’t pure anymore because of me. The Moreno. At first when I came to understand what I was, I was ashamed and never showed my face to anyone. But now I had changed. I didn’t really care anymore because I’d adjusted to their cruelty. I was used to it by now.”

Camp River

“The time: 5:00 PM. And it was already pitch black outside. But I had multiple things to do. Get back to the cabin, get dressed, get to dinner on time, which was at 6:30, and then try to make an impression on Sophie, the girl I liked at the camp who was going to be dancing at 7:45. But I put all those worries aside and focused on the cool breeze. The air slapping my cheeks as I drove the motorboat.”


“Illegal immigrants who escape from Mexico to find a better life in the U.S. shouldn’t be kicked out of the country just for crossing the border. The majority of illegal immigrants are not harmful to society; rather, they get jobs and work hard. Some illegal immigrants commit crimes, but so do some citizens of the U.S.”

I Never Wanted a Coffee Shop

“The first time I made a coffee, the customer asked for half the amount of sugar. I put way more than half the amount, and he spit it out and said he thought it was disgusting. But then, when I made the same coffee for another customer, she loved it and said she would come every day. The line eventually got bigger.”

The Video Game

“They took all the pieces that Adam got from the junkyard. His grandpa went to the backyard and dragged the pieces to the backyard in a wagon. They got a screwdriver and a drill and a hammer and a lot of nails. And they started to build the machine.”

The Turning Point

“A few days ago, there was a person coming to babysit Cameron’s little sister and when Cameron came back home, she was gone.
The first few days, Cameron’s family had no idea who took her, but the day after, they saw a video of their babysitter putting a fist at his 5-year-old sister.”

The Trip

“I knew I was I going to get into trouble, so I didn’t make a sound. I felt like a maniac. Why didn’t I just say a plain, old lie? But I felt sooo good saying the truth – as good as it would feel to go on the trip to D.C.”

My Life as a Dog

“Not too long ago, she was the little girl of the family who tried to make me eat flowers because she hated me! I ran away that time. Now, I can’t run so well anymore. I get up and try to get my beat-up monkey that I named Robert. Seeing me struggle, Jess puts down her book and grabs Robert.”

An Amber Story

“My friend was on the other side of the room, and she was still screaming into a pillow. I have powers. I have real actual powers. But it didn’t make any sense. I wrote about this. Writing stuff can’t really make it come true, can it? Or at least not fantasy.”

Saving Dad

“The wizard said that there was a cure to make her dad alive again. He said, ‘You need to cross obstacles, like fighting and going through a castle to find the position. Then you have a secret tunnel somewhere in your house.’”

How Humans Were Made

“The next day, rocks turned into the new species the frog called humans. The only one that came close to the frog was a young girl who whispered something the frog will never say aloud. She said it to him by a sparkly blue pond. It was the best day of the frog’s life.”

Annie’s Time Machine

“My time machine wasn’t there, so I decided to build another one with the same materials. Everything happened that had happened before: rainbows. Mom yelling ‘Earthquake!’ I wondered, How come I didn’t feel hear all this earlier this morning?
This time, I landed on my rug. “

Hamsterly Ever After

“Isabella crossed her fingers and hoped it was going to be her hamster. She felt like it would be a hamster because her aunt knew that she’d wanted a hamster all her life since she was about two years old. Isabella couldn’t wait for her birthday party the next day. ”