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Just Our Secret

“Three minutes before I died, I was eating a hamburger. It was quite good, if you were wondering. Lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and onions. No pickles, obviously. Who do you think I am? I had a side of fries. Did you know fries are actually really good if they’re dipped in a mixture of ketchup and mayo?”


“Ring ring. I slowly open my eyes at the sound of the alarm clock going off. I check the time: 8:30. Oh no, I’m going to be late! I must have set my alarm clock to 8:30 instead of 7:30! I  jump out of bed as quick as possible, grab a random dress, and pull it on. I get to the coffee shop in about five minutes. My boss is giving me a dirty look.”

The Truly True Story of Legentious

“People say that once (in a time and place not even the smartest of beings could recall) there was a time, a time when there was no such thing as war, not even conflict. That would have been an amazing time to live in. After that period of time, which people called the “Golden Age,” there was a time when only war and hate existed.”

Peculiar Foods

“I ran like the wind. It was Sunday afternoon, and my sister’s flock of parrots, rabbits, turtles, guinea pigs, lizards, and goats had somehow escaped from their cage that had ten tight locks on it. I was boiling mad at Daria because she knew that her animals were always attacking me whenever I didn’t give them a potato, ham, egg, and yarn sandwich.”

Washed Away

“Together, we ran, her strawberry blonde hair whipping behind her as her laughter echoed. Together, we ran to the rushing river. Together, we arrived, her freckled face covered in sweat. Then, together we laughed. We stepped into the icy water, the place where we first met. The place where we first found where we belonged. Then we swam. I heard her screams before I saw her.”

Buckingham Puck and the Light Figure

“There was a performing circus cat whose name was Buckingham Puck and had a swollen foot but could not tell a joke, and he really wanted to learn how to tell a joke. Buckingham Puck had grey hair with orange stripes, and he was the fattest of all the cats because he ate his favorite food, buffalo wings, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

Lessons from Harry Potter

“Harry Potter is one of the most inspiring series in recent history, written by J.K. Rowling, and first published in 1997. This series is significant because it has a lot of life lessons. The life lessons I chose influenced me and the world. This series teaches everyone to not judge a book by its cover, and to never be afraid.”


“I’d been wondering when my best friend, Lila, would come back from her vacation. It’d been a month and three weeks. She said it would be two weeks. Five weeks had passed since her cruise to Oceania was supposed to end.”

The Visitors

“On the news, a lot of people had been saying that there were strange, flying shapes in the sky. I was very scared that maybe it was aliens, and that they would come down and wipe out the entire human race. My mom said that it was just plain lies and that the photos were photoshopped.”

The Chicken Savior

“Once upon a time, there was a little chick that was super cute and so adorbs. His name was Billy Bob Joe (BBJ for short). As he grew older, he grew really cool. But he also (I’m trying to put this as nicely as possible) wasn’t so cute any more. This was because he saw some weird happenings in the other coops.”

The Odd Rock

“KELLY: Shoot, my teacher said that if I was late one more time, I would get detention. / MOM: But you have been taking the bus for a while. / KELLY: Yes, but you give me breakfast, and I am not allowed to eat in the bus, so I hide in the bathroom and eat for an hour. / MOM: Why would you do that? / KELLY: I don’t want to choke. “

My Butt is on Fire

“There was a butt walking around, going to an audition. He opened the door, and there were 5,000 cherries and butts waiting. (Spoiler alert! The butt can resist fire!) He was last. But then, ten butts came behind him. Then, five cherries. Then, no more cherries and butts came. He was 16th to last. Finally, he got a turn.”

The Ghost Boy

“A strange sound was coming from my basement… My heart gripped with fear. I slowly opened the door, holding a broom handle in my hand so tightly that my knuckles were white. I pulled the chain, and a dim light bulb flickered to life.”

Ten Roads

“When I was walking home, back in February, a fortune teller told me to be careful, and she told me about a bottle with an invisibility potion and a secret room inside a creepy place. Maybe this was the weird, scary stuff?”

Krispy Kreme

“One day, Tristan was eating his morning donut. He went to Krispy Kreme. There was someone who worked at Krispy Kreme named Joe, who was his friend. Joe was not fully trained, so he made the donut wrong. Then he put it in the toilet. He wasn’t fully trained, so he didn’t know where the trash can was (it was right behind him.) He put it in the toilet, and the donut came alive.”

A Soccer Dream

“One early morning, during breakfast, Olivia and her family were talking about signing up for soccer.  Olivia had always wanted to play soccer ever since she moved from Chicago. When she lived in Chicago, the school kids would never let Olivia play soccer or almost anything with them.”


“Usually Jim answered with a friendly moo. Maybe he was still asleep? No, he never slept over six. It was kind of crazy, really. Still, maybe he was scared the farmer would let the other cows start grazing without him. Newton looked everywhere. Jim was not there.”