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Rise of the Dabbing Bottles

“Christian, a 13-year-old boy, was bored at home because his phone was dead and his PS4 wasn’t working correctly. He watched all the episodes of South Park at least five times. All he had was a water bottle filled up to the fourth line. He held the water bottle by the bottom and flipped it into the air. It landed on the cap.”

The Ghost Story

“As usual, my dad had to pry my brother out of bed, while I was getting ready. I changed, brushed my teeth, ate my breakfast, put on my shoes and backpack, and walked out the door with my brother and my mom. When I went out the door, I immediately noticed something strange. It was really windy and very quiet. There weren’t that many people on the street.”

Helena the Husky Goes Camping

“‘Camping?’ I ask. ‘What’s that?’ ‘I don’t know,’ she says, ‘but it sounds fun. Everyone is packing right now, if you want to see.’ ‘Yeah!’ I say, wagging my tail. ‘Let’s go!’ When we enter Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s room, each member of our family has a suitcase. They are stuffing the suitcases with clothes, and shoes, and all kinds of unknown things. Whatever those things are, watching my owners pack fills my entire body with excitement. I thump my tail on the floor.”

A Trip to Colombia

“Landon is a boy who wants to go to Colombia by himself. Colombia is like New York, but with houses instead of apartments and trolleys and a lot of nice trees. It smells good because there’s a lot of Colombian food and restaurants. It sounds loud because there are a lot of people trying to get into restaurants.”

The Elf’s Axe

“Doesn’t it seem odd when one object creates such an exciting adventure? No, such a thrilling tale. Yeah, that’s better. Okay, okay, I’ll get going. It all started in the bustling Elf Town, where the elves woke up at the start of dawn to work in their woodcutting business. There was one elf, Mark, who had a strong-built axe that was passed down in his family. It could cut the strongest trees in a mere five seconds.”

Lucy the Pegasus (Part One)

“Once upon a time, in Horselandia, there was a very poor horse. This horse’s name was Lucy, and she loved to collect stamps from lands far away from Horselandia. Lucy’s parents were famous explorers back in the day. Now, these days, no one cared about the treasures the explorers found. So the family was poor because the parents had searched a lot of lands for jobs, and on the way, the parents collected stamps, just for Lucy.”

The Crime

“Breaking news… someone has stolen the precious Pink Panther diamond from the museum. According to the police chief, the video surveillance cameras do not show who stole the diamond, although they contain the entire video footage of the museum rooms, including the room where the famous Pink Panther diamond was.”

Back to Mars

“The ship was flying really fast through space. The ship was red, and it was really big. It was the biggest ship in the galaxy. In the ship, there were about twenty aliens. About a month ago, a group of humans started to follow the aliens with space guns.”

Lucy and Her Friends

“My name is Lucy. I am twelve years old, and I live in Liverpool, England. I love to write. I wrote seventeen chapter books and five picture books. I like to write fantasy stories. In school, I have no friends. No one likes me, I guess. Whenever they see me, they walk past me like I’m a ghost.”

Emy’s Jazz Club

“It was only the second week that Emy’s Jazz Club was open when I broke the rule. I played the piano. I had longed to use it since opening day of the restaurant, but it was prohibited by all the people working there. The only person allowed to play it was my father.”

The Scary Puppets

“Once upon a time, there lived a puppet named Trump. The girl that owned Trump loved him, but she grew old, and she wanted to be queen. She took the puppet to the graveyard and buried him there. One day, on a full moon, he came out of the grave and said, ‘I will get my revenge on Georgegina.'”