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A New Age

“Rocky ran into the woods to get away from his dad. He went so deep into it that he got into a clearing. In the clearing was the very first dinosaur ever to be discovered. Its name was The Dinosaurus Alpha. It was carnivorous and very dangerous but its appearance was simple!”

Almost the End

‘”Zeke, Emma, Timea! Wake up! It’s time for breakfast,’ Mom said.
‘Ok, coming!’ said the kids.
The kids ran downstairs.
‘Honey, can you serve them breakfast? I have to go get dressed. Don’t stay in your PJs on the couch all day,’ Mom said.”

The Dark Spirit of the Enchanted Trampoline Park, Book 1: Captured!

“As I walked along the trail, I could hear the crunch of leaves and the singing of birds. I had always loved hiking and went hiking whenever I could. Snap! I tripped on a twig and fell face-forward into the leaf litter. Phew, at least the leaves saved me, I thought, and then I was jerked upward. I tried to scream for help, but no sound came out.”

Into the Fairy Realm

“Moonlight streamed through the open curtains and spilled into the room, penetrating its darkness and washing it with silver. The night had grown warmer in the past couple of hours, and the window was thrown wide open in an attempt to draw any kind of breeze in, but there was none. The scent of the roses from the courtyard below was heavy and sweet, drifting up from the gardens to sit sluggishly in the room.”

The Magical Orb of Shaddowtown

“It was just another snowy morning in Minnesota. Anna woke up. She immediately turned on the radio. ‘The schools that have snow days today are West Bridge school, Martin Luther King School of fine arts, Lakeside Middle school, Riverview Middle school, and Oakland Elementary school!’
‘Yes!’ Anna screamed.”

Elena & Hercules

“If there was such a thing as the most lonely yet serene moment, this would be it. The glowing signs of stores and restaurants, the wind flowing through her curly, blonde hair, the memories of what was once a bustling city. How could so much destruction occur in so little time?”

Sunshine and Shadows

“I was lost. I mean, you can’t blame me. The streets of D.C. are more like a maze than a couple of roads. If you hadn’t guessed, I’m an alley cat. I don’t have a name, but I’ve been called a scoundrel and the like. I have no idea why.”

Amelia and the Fire

“Three minutes before the house broke down, Amelia had to get out of the broken house. It looked like a scary mansion. Nobody was there. It was just cracked mirrors and wood. The ground was shaking and the house was about to break, but a fire was outside. She had to get out or she was going to get burnt. The house was about to collapse in 3, 2, 1.”

The Alien WAR

“Alien Joe lives in Zagburn. Alien Joe has big eyes and can swim in boiling water. Zagburn is a hot planet. It’s 400 degrees, which is why the aliens are all made of water. They’re exactly 65% water. It rains fire on planet Zagburn. The aliens survive in a bunch of water houses that are stabled by gravity so they don’t collapse. Zagburnians have hands that look like mustaches, but they’re not brown. It’s like a blue mustache. They’re actually pretty tall, they’re about 67 and ¾ inches.”

Ali and The Missing Book

“One day, when the sun was up and hot, Ali the snake was slithering in the desert as usual. Right then, he heard that the latest book was coming out and it had only one copy! He slithered straight to the library only to see that everybody was leaving.”

Come Over Tonight

“Jonathan’s summer was only one day in when his parents sent him to sleepaway camp for the whole summer, right until the day before 6th grade started. He preferred staying home and playing video games rather than trying to catch fish in the middle of nowhere. He decided it couldn’t be so bad. Instead of trying to make excuses not to go, he went straight to the camping store called John’s Way To Nature.”


“My mom was making me walk through the streets of South Africa. My dad had gotten a new job so we moved from New York to South Africa and now I didn’t have any friends. Suddenly, as I was about to turn back and head home, I saw something that made me jump. It was a baby penguin being attacked by a seagull. Before I knew it, I was running at the seagull and screaming, and then the seagull flew away.”

Growing Up

I sat, watching the sunset with Beetle.
Two hours earlier I’d read her a story that I’d written, where a girl’s mom dies and she’s found by the queen and becomes a princess, but then the queen almost gets assasinated, but they flee and live happily ever after. When I’d said, ‘The End,’ and asked if she liked it, she’d squirmed.

Tommy the Mouse

“Tommy groaned as he sat down in his cage. He looked at Joseph, who was playing with his toys as if they were the best things in the world. Joseph was a little brown rat that had a light pink nose and tiny little whiskers. He was like the opposite of Tommy in every single way.
Tommy was a black mouse with a light brown nose and long whiskers. See what I mean?”

The Fire Man

“One day, I was at a bar and the entire place suddenly lit on fire. I escaped just in time, but the others weren’t as lucky.
The next day, I woke up and went to work as normal. But then I started randomly teleporting. And there were constantly flames on top of my hands.”

Flee From the Fur

“Once, there was a girl named Izumi, and she was an orphan. She missed her parents a lot, and she had only one thing left of them: an emerald ring. Her parents had told her that it would lead her to her freedom, but for the past four years, she had been living on the side of the road, and nothing good ever happened to her.”

Ruby the Red Dragon

“Ruby was born right by a volcano. When her egg cracked open, her mother and father weren’t there. As Ruby got older, she taught herself how to stay safe and gather food by herself.
One day, she was flying around the island and found a castle in the clouds that looked like it was abandoned. She drew near to the castle, and suddenly, a group of knights came out screaming, ‘Charge!'”

The Spoiled Rich Brat

“My name is Chloe. My dad is REALLY rich. I can get ANYTHING I want. I bet my friends are so jealous!!! I used to have a lot of friends, but now I only have 6 because they said I was too sassy and boastful. But I don’t really care anyway because the friends I have now are WAYYY better. One day at school, there was a new girl. She looked poor, so I decided to tease her. So I told my friends, ‘We have to make a list of things to tease her with.'”

The Seal

“Once upon a time, there was a seal that wanted to go to the forest. The seal was one year old. He asked his mom if he could go to the forest. His mother said he could not go because he needed to be in the water.”

Darkness Rises

“An hour before dawn, a mysterious creature was spotted in Roseville Park in Hollywood, California. The police department said it was about nine feet tall. The police also spotted a gem that the creature was holding during the video that they took. People said that it belonged in a museum and that it was worth one million dollars.”


“I was born in 1888. My family was dead. We were investigating some bird, hippopotamus and t-rex when we heard a rumble. Then a volcano erupted and lots of lava was falling down. It was big. There was thunder on the volcano and that was what was making it erupt.”

Bill the Foodie

“Bill was a foodie. He loved food of all kinds, and if you ask him if he had gone to this restaurant or that restaurant, he would always say yes. There were no restaurants in the vicinity of his house that he had not been to at least 17 times.”

Space Adventures

‘”Ugh… ‘ groans Leo. ‘I’m sick of eating mashed potatoes for breakfast lunch and dinnerrr!’
‘Blaaah! Me too,’ says Jacob.
‘Kill me!!!’ yells Andrew, a few moments later
The ship starts beeping. ‘That’s a good thing, right?’
‘Uh oh,’ says Leo… ”

The Bunny Who Wanted a Carrot

“Once upon a time, there was a bunny that wanted a carrot. The bunny went everywhere and searched for a carrot, but there was no carrot anywhere. The little bunny asked his mom where the carrots were. Mom said where the carrots were and the bunny hopped to where his mother told him to, but there were no carrots.”

The Doll

“It was 8:00. It was time to sleep. Tomorrow was my birthday. My dad said that if I didn’t go to sleep, I would be tired and miss my birthday, so I went to sleep.
The next morning was my birthday. My dad was about to leave when he saw me walking downstairs.”

Super Max

“SuperMax was one little, very fast boy who got lots and lots of trophies and medals from places like the running championship. He won every time and also did karate. He was a white belt in his second class.”

Lost in the Woods

“Crack! The twig made a noise as I stepped on it in the dark, vast forest.
My name is Nancy Simmons, and a week ago something very scary happened to me. I was taking a nature hike with my Girl Scout troop when we got separated and lost. A few hours later, everybody was found. Well, everybody but me. It wasn’t long until they called the cops. Soon, there was a search party out in the woods. But no one could find me.”

Odd Aunt Lenore

“Aunt Lenore was a small old woman with a wobbly bun perched on her head. She had an owl named Agatha who was always perched on her shoulder. Aunt Lenore spent her days sewing and embroidering new clothes, which she sent to my family in big, bright pink boxes. Nobody knew what her house looked like.”

The Closet of Doom

“I walked down a dark hallway, barely able to make out a rectangular box, a closet. I heard whispers from inside.
I couldn’t make out what they were saying. It was an old-looking closet made of wood, and I had a mysterious urge to open it.”

Pirate Boy

“The waves crashed against our boathouse. Even when it was the worst rain or thunder, Mom would always say, ‘Isn’t this fun, honey?’ and I glumly nodded, trying to be thankful.”

Death, Love, Magic

“King: Our sons are married and my daughter must marry the king from the nearby kingdom but she refuses; she says she wants to marry a wizard! (King slams on table as he says wizard.)

Queen: A princess has one job, marry a prince. Marrying a wizard is absurd!

Together: How HORRIBLE!!!”

Three Minutes Before the Earthquake

“Three minutes before the earthquake happens, Izzy has to escape the house. The floor is shaking, the house is falling apart. Three, two, one, the floor fell apart! Izzy almost falls but more trouble is coming, a flood! Izzy gets so scared, she packs all her stuff and runs away to a different town where her family lives.”

End Poem

“Hello, player.

You are the player.

You finished this dream. This dream is a dream about a game. A game where you collect resources, fight monsters, and build buildings.”

Uni the Unicorn

“Uni the unicorn was staring at the glittering stream, thinking about nothing except for sunlight. Ten minutes later, her little sister named Luna came and plopped herself right next to her sister and asked, ‘Whatcha doing?'”