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The Thing

“There I am, Jerald, 11 years old. I live in a small town called Shuster, and it’s haunted. Well, I think it is, but nobody believes me. No one believes me because I am not popular. There have been 150 deaths this month at least, and nobody knows who it is. Only I know who it actually was, but no one bothers to listen to me.”

Killer X

“Killer X lives in a volcano with his dad and brother in Hawaii. The volcano is a mountain with purple lava. He was possessed. His other scientist “friends” would test magic on him. This one experiment went wrong, and he turned into the Killer X.”


“There was some boy named Jeff who got a report card. He was called the funniest kid in the class. He liked to play basketball. The scores he got in school for tests were pretty good, like A’s and B’s. He was waiting day by day for his report card to come. The whole school was talking about it.”

Eye of the End

“Life is a silly thing but what’s even more silly is the people who go through life. How would you feel if you never saw yourself, could never adjust your hairstyle, or brush your teeth in front of the mirror? It is reality for one certain boy. His name is Poncho Zoori Dover, and he has never seen himself, adjusted his hair, or brushed his teeth in front of the mirror.”

Finding the Keys

“There were some keys and a voice saying I had to find out what they were for. They only told me one thing, ‘Find the keys, find the clue. Find the clue, use the clue. Use the clue, find the meaning. Find the meaning, your journey adjourns.’ I wrote this quote down on a piece of paper, stuck it in a drawer, and went to breakfast.”

A Door Into Time

“The night she left the kingdom, there was a terrible storm. That night, the whole of the village fell silent, watching the storm all night. Even the king, the mightiest person in the kingdom, stopped and stared at the horrible and sudden storm. Everyone was shocked, frightened, even scared.”

Smooshy Boosh

“Once upon a time, there was a baby panda in the great, vast bamboo forests of eastern China. This baby had a massive appetite for anything with color, as long as it wasn’t white. He couldn’t stand it because he used to eat lots of rice.”

Queen Alison and Queen Maia

“In a small kingdom called Aliville, people were walking around the marketplace selling and buying goods. The town had small houses and a large school. The people were happy because there had been no wars for seven years since the evil Maia declared war on the crown.”

The Life of a Superhero

“The last battle had been close. He remembered how easily Crusher had destroyed those buildings with one sweep of his blocky hands. When The Guardian had shot fire at Crusher’s armor, it had no effect, unlike in the previous battles. The Guardian quickly blocked Crusher’s attack with his shield before it smashed into his head.”

Friday the 13th with the Johnsons

“It was a sunny Friday the 13th morning, and the Johnson family’s car pulled into the driveway of their new house, an enormous mansion. Claire Johnson, the youngest of her family, walked into her new home and took the sights in. It was like a dream come true. The Johnsons were moving into their great-grandparents’ house because they had died.”

The Missing Pencil (Part One)

“It was 7:30 in Brucebury Town. Twelve-year-old Patrick Binny was putting up signs. He wanted the whole town to see his sign, so he circled the town and made sure there were at least four signs on every lamppost and tree trunk. His sign was one of those “missing” signs, and he really needed what was lost. Now, you would probably guess he lost his cat or his dog or his guinea pig. Maybe he lost a backpack or a jacket. Nope.”