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An Outlaw’s Tale

“Everyone in town thought that I was very strange. They never saw me, they never knew where I was, and the only thing they thought they knew about me was where I was staying. And that was in my house, but I knew that wasn’t where I always was. I knew that I wasn’t normal, but I just didn’t know why. I preferred to eat raw meat, and that was the only thing I would ever eat, and I drank blood.”

Lin’s Crazy Adventure

“It happened again. The masked man was back. Lin ran up the stairs as fast as he could. He heard a deep, dark voice say, ‘You can run, but you can’t hide!’ Lin slithered under his bed when he heard the deep, dark voice. Lin heard him march up the stairs and into his room.”

Germie Howie

“I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this. Touching the car without wiping it down with baby wipes 17-18 times, then making it dry in the sun, wiping it down again, then getting waterproof gloves, then making my dad open it for me while wearing a raincoat and ski pants. It was such a risk to take, but I did it for my mom and soon-to-be-born baby sister.”

Kendall’s Story

“Kendall quickly runs outside and sees her bus leaving. ‘Oh shoot!’ says Kendall. Kendall goes back in the house and runs up the stairs to her room and gets her headphones, phone, and backpack. Then, Kendall tries to chase the bus, but she is too slow.”

The Fulton’s Cowrie

“Stala had never taken a swimming lesson in her life. When she looked down, she saw a shimmery, blue-purple tail beneath her. Somehow, she knew this had always been a part of her, and after all the surprising things that had happened today, Stala wasn’t very surprised.”

The Portal of Time

“When he woke up, he was a dinosaur in prehistoric times! He had switched places and needed to get out of there before the asteroid that killed all the dinosaurs really killed him. His new body was difficult to move in because it was bulky and had stubby arms.”

One in a Million

“I walk into the halls with my head up high. This year was going to be better, I thought. I was driven out of my school in California. It was all because of me falling in love with Daphie. I loved her from the moment I saw her, but she didn’t love me back.”


“It was a tiny human and he had a stick, a hat, boots, clothes, and a jacket that seemed a bit too big. The human looked up at me while I stared at him in awe. He jumped up on my shoulder and jumped again, over my head onto my other shoulder. He took a final leap into the water bowl.”

The Dark Thing

Fed up with all of this nonsense, Stem stood up on the bed and jumped off of the bed. [[Bad Idea.]] Whatever was [[laughing earlier]] grabbed his ankle and pulled him under. Stem fell down a deep, dark hole and landed, breaking all of his [[bones]] into a cage.

Dragon Days

“At first, Timmy was like, ‘What in the world is that?’ Then, something very odd happened. It jumped on him, and more things came over. It felt slimy but heavy. As more things jumped on him, he saw one of them that had one eye.”

Waiting For Spring

“Sitting by the window / I hear the cuckoo sing / I see the pink buds bloom / I see the weeds in the noon / I hear the kids in the park / I see them chalk their mark / Suddenly I feel the snowflakes on my cheek / I realize that Spring was just a dream.”

The Siblinghood of Art

“‘This column was carved in 3000 B.C.E,’ the tour guide responded. ‘This column will be moving to the Natural History Museum in D.C. in two days, so please come and see it before it’s gone,’ he said. ‘I’m so sad,’ said Nat. ‘I love this column.’ ‘Well, I do not care. This is boring. Can we go see the painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware?’ Sam asked.”

Pokemon Showdown is Life

“LeBron’s mom had been away in Florida for three months, and his dad was always working. LeBron had been playing since his mom went to Florida — without any bathroom breaks or interruptions. His room had only Pokemon stuff with images on it. It had a blue Squirtle on it that looked like a little, blue turtle.”