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Story Told Backwards

“My name is Neal Bhasin and I’m 10 years old and I am going to tell you a different kind of story. At my 10th birthday party, we had a game truck and a laser tag game at my house. After that, we went to have some cake, then we went to play dodgeball. Reader, before we move forward, we have to go backwards.”

Watermelon Specialty

“One day, the Guardians of the Galaxy went through time and space in a portal inside Star Lord’s Milano — a blue and orange ship that looked like a huge jetpack. It had a beak-shaped front, a photon energy windshield, and all the newest technology. They were going back in time to eat a watermelon. “

The Willow Tree

“Long ago, there was a tree. A weeping willow tree. And it was just a pretty normal tree. Its leaves turned red, yellow, and brown in the fall; all the leaves fell off and the tree became bare in winter; the leaves bloomed back in springtime; and the tree shone the most bright in summer.”

A Peculiar Predicament

“The sun glistened brightly with glory and freedom, just like the thousands of hearts that it had granted life to. The butterflies wafted across the bright blue sky, graceful like the mist that encircled them. Everything was submerged in happiness at this astonishing era in time, leaving the world devoid of any peril that had left us wretched before. I too was born during this happy era, with many unusual characteristics which gave way to happenings that would change my life forever.”

Venessa and The Unknown Island

“There once was a Greek goddess named Venessa. Venessa was the goddess of wisdom and war, and she was the one of the most beautiful goddesses in all of Greece. She had a pet owl named Athendite. Venessa had long wavy hair and brown eyes with bright pink lips (she didn’t use lipstick). Her job was to watch over the animals and the Greek demons.”

Monster Jake: Book 1

“One day, Bob was in his backyard and he figured out that he was going to have a sister. He lived with his mom and dad who were candy makers. Bob was not an average 12-year-old, because he lived in a candy factory. His room was made of lollipops, ice cream, and brownies.”


“Suddenly, the ground started to quiver. I jumped in fear. I felt like the world had frozen and I was in mid-air. Wait a minute, I thought. I’m just a holly, jolly ice cream cone. I don’t know fear. Happiness is the only emotion I DO know!”

Through Time

“They stepped into the 5th dimension, time travel. It felt happy but also sad because you can’t have happy thoughts. It like felt hours, but it was really just seconds. It was like watching a really crucial game or race when you feel like time is taking forever.”

Strawberry’s Journey

“Elder Clover always told stories to us about sunshine, grass, trees, flowers, berries, rain, snow, and other animals, but what I loved most were the horror stories he told us of the people with guns that wanted to kill us bunnies. The stories seemed real, like these things actually existed.”

Going to Find the Ghoulians

“Once upon a time, two kids named Sam and Jack were reading a book and they found out that there were people living on Mars. But you had to go through a 78 square mile maze with trick things like a half man half ___ and a square mile of raining tanks, but they thought they could do it so they asked their mom and dad to work at the government.”


“‘All she wants is to have a home.’ That is how everyone knows me, I thought. I was walking home after trying to find some type of family. No success; again. I do have a home, I thought to myself, those people are all wrong about me.”

Excerpt from Apryl

“It was Switching Day, the day that we switched quadrants. We would never come back to our parent’s quadrant. I didn’t know how Nat was taking it, but I cried into my pillow all last night. It wasn’t like I didn’t want to switch, I HAD to, but I would miss Mom and Dad.”

Beanie Boo Bunch

“There was once a dog named Sir Rufferton. He was an arctic dog who lived in Greenland. One day Sir Rufferton was standing as a sentry for his doggie village. A few hours into his shift, two dogs in the dog army came with a cat hostage who was caught snooping around the back side of the village.”

Germany Series

“In Germany, Halloween is on December 13th, but instead of people trick-or-treating, people wear Teletubby suits and sleep in the subways. They watch Teletubby videos and watch the president give the Teletubbies the Nobel prize. The Teletubbies throw a party to make everyone tubby so they can’t fit in Alex’s vac pack. Halloween is the only time when mustard is not illegal.”

The Dog With Black Eyes

“Aiki felt dizzy from her change. She rubbed her eyes and tried to focus. Staring at her were two pairs of black, watery, familiar eyes. She closed her eyes and tears went streaming out of her black eyes, remembering the details of what happened to her over the last two years.”

The Secret Hunter

“The burning sun beat down on my back as I intertwined the two pieces of golden straw. I worked intently, biting my chapped lips as the straw began to blend in with the rest of my basket. My masterpiece was halfway done, and I had been working on it for already half of the day, twisting and turning, while the sun burnt my bare back.”


“Some girls are so caught up in putting a bow in their hair and they are never really caring about what they really should be caring about. Most people think that a lot of people will like you if you are fashionable and beautiful.”

My Days as a Spy

“I woke up this morning and realized I overslept. I threw on some clothes and ran out the door. I was just in time for the school bus to pick me up. I hopped on the bus, running to take my usual spot, next to my best friend, James. He looked very tired, I noticed. I pretended to be even more tired.”

Dragons vs. Dracula: Book 5

“The dragon brothers carefully entered the cave full of bats. They found out about the cave from Fred the Dwarf, a friend of the dragon brothers. They were exploring the cave, searching for the crystal of death. The Crystal of Death would give them the power to revive dead things, so they could revive friends and use it for good.”