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A Sticky Situation

“I hated all of it. The smell of cats and anchovies was terrible. The only thing to do was read the magazines they had there. All of them were four-year-old Sports Illustrateds. Everyone there looked like they were 900 years old. They were staring at me like I had three heads.”

Take Care of Me

“Her heart was beating really fast. Her stomach had butterflies in it. She wanted to know who her new owner would be. You must be wondering how she came to know, right? Well, Lucy is a smart cockapoo puppy, and believe it or not, she can read.”

Un-Normal Life

“Once upon a time, there was a girl named Emily and her younger brother named Henry. They were the children of Mrs. and Mr. Gorr. Mrs. and Mr. Gorr were the most evil of the most evil of them all. Emily and her brother went to a normal school, but lived an abnormal life.”

Bionic Girl

“BOOM! The starting gun was fired, and we started the race. We ran across the track, jumping over hurdles. As I sped over the finish line, I smiled. I may not have been first, but I did my best, and that’s what matters. I am Lily, and this is my story.”

The Wall

“‘Get up!’ yells my older brother, Jim, who never loves me. ‘Get up, or by the time we get to the store, the shelves will be empty.’ Oh right, I say in my mind. Ever since Trump’s wall was built, my life has been split in half.”

Cleo’s Escape Plan

“For a while, there was nothing. But then I could feel my brothers and sisters and my mom licking me. I loved the taste of my mother’s sweet milk. Then, as quick as there was darkness, there was light. I saw my beautiful mother, and my pink and squirming sisters and brothers.”

Ornette’s Adventure

“I felt the wind blow through the new house and the floor creak as I walked up the stairs. As I lay on my bed, I remembered all the friends I had at my old school, before I left. I wish I could’ve spent more time with them. It made me feel upset. I really missed them.”

Josh’s Samsung Phone and Computer

“Josh Ricky woke up from his bed one morning, and it was his birthday. His mom gave him a Samsung phone. She threw it at his face, and he caught it right in time. Josh Ricky was so excited, he burst from his bed, got dressed, brushed his teeth, and all the other things he had to do. He sent some messages on his phone, took pictures, and listened to music. He was crying the whole time.”

Messy May

“When I was a toddler, or maybe three to be exact, I was always biting, drooling, and rolling in mud with the pigs. Oh! And I almost forgot! I lived on a farm. But, now I live in a big city in a little apartment.”

Alien Plant

“One day, centuries before the Earth was as green as grass, there were very stubborn aliens that looked like plants. The plants used to live on a planet made of lava and they loved eating lava. Their planet froze and all the lava was gone.”

The Strong Genie

“So this is where it all began. It was cold and rainy in the forest, and Mr. Fire, the fire genie, was burned down. He couldn’t hold anything heavier than a small rock. ‘I’m going to go find the super strong potion that can make me strong again,’ he said.”


“Once there was a boy who was eleven years old. His name was Jack Rutinburg. He wanted to be invisible because he thought being invisible was cool. He wanted to be cool because he felt like he was not cool. Jack’s home was old and very dirty. That is why he felt like he was not cool.”

The War That I Fought For

“I grew up in a safe place. I was adopted, but I loved and needed my adopted family, and you have to understand that. We didn’t have too much money, so we moved to a place that we could earn money, but it was so very dry there. I did not feel like I was home. There was no rain ever. It was not a safe place.”

Life’s End

“As I ran and ran, with the wind blowing in my hair and the sand sticking to my wet feet, I was thinking of all the people and fights that I was leaving behind. A comfortable life where I didn’t have to go to school, or be tutored at home, would all be thrown away. This was going to be a new start to my life, and I had no idea where I was going.”

Spare Parts

“I am a boy named Oscar, an undocumented teenager, and my family is also not documented. And as I entered home after a “great” day at Cayden Bay Community High School, I saw a flyer about a URV competition, also known as an underwater robot contest, that could give you a scholarship at a technology college.”

The Friend Fight

“My best friend is named Annie. I met her in kindergarten, and she’s the best friend I could ever have. She’s funny, generous, and determined. Now, we’re in third grade. I walk into my classroom and take a seat at my desk. My teacher assigns partners for an art assignment that we’re doing. I cross my fingers, hoping that I get partnered with Annie.”

Ghost Town

“Teddy got into his car and slammed the door super hard. It was only 8:30 AM, and so many things had already gone wrong. First of all, he got fired from his law firm. His boss was very unfair. At least, to Teddy, he was. But Teddy didn’t care. He just wanted to go home.”

Finding the Lost

“It was midnight and pitch dark. We had done many things before, but we had never done this. We went into the woods seeking adventure. Everyone said we were a bunch of punks. Even our parents. Me, Evan, Chris, and Mike loved hanging out. Even when we got in trouble. And we got in trouble a lot.”


“It was a Saturday night, and I was going back home with my family. It was raining, and the road was slick when a big semi truck came around the bend, out of control! We slipped and hydroplaned as the truck was getting closer and closer to us. The truck was coming at a blazing speed. Then… smash.”

Presents! Presents! Presents!

“A sassy five-year-old girl walked into preschool on a cool winter day. It was the first day of December, and Sandy Mcgriffin was feeling confident. After all, she was perfect. Her pigtails were always done perfectly and rested on her back perfectly, she got anything she wanted, and she was the Queen Bee of the class.”

The Mighty Warrior

“There were three weapons that were forged by the king of dragon warriors. He was invincible with the sword. He was so powerful that he was able to destroy a whole army with one strike on the ground. Two strikes, he destroyed 60 armies. And with nine strikes, he could destroy 90,007 armies.”


“But as soon as she touched the water, she couldn’t figure out what to do. She’d seen how much fun everyone else was having and wasn’t thinking about what she was doing when she jumped in. Luckily, she jumped in the shallow end of the pool, so she didn’t drown. But she got so embarrassed that she ran all the way back to her home.”


“Jane lit the fire as she looked up at the mountain. Her family had been trying for years to get into the village. After they left their old village, they needed to find a new village. The village they were trying to live in had a list of people trying to get in.”


“One day, there was a cat named Sam who was black with white stripes. He could speak English and was not too dumb, but not too smart. Sam had a brother named Bob, and Sam wanted to get their favorite fish, flounder, for dinner for the both of them.”

Dinosaurs Come Back

“Once upon a time, on a very sunny day, a pigeon named Beirdo was going golfing. On his first try, he got a hole-in-four! Beirdo was so happy. He couldn’t believe he did so well on his first try! Suddenly, he heard a loud roar! Beirdo then used his good hearing to find out what made that noise!”

Ninja Fight

“Three hundred years ago, two ninjas got in a fight, one very dumb ninja and a smart and skilled ninja. The dumb ninja, who was named Mighty Sword, challenged the smart and skilled ninja, Legend Speed. The dumb ninja wanted to show Legend Speed that he was better.”

Gem World

“In Sapphire City, there were only women, but they could still have babies. In the city, there was a mine called Saphria Mine. In Saphria Mine, you mined for sapphires. The sapphires weren’t out in the open, so you still had to mine for them. But the evil queen named Jewelia wanted all the sapphires for herself.”

King of the World

“When George got to school, he saw something that he had never seen before. It was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. It was a girl. The most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. She had blonde, wavy hair and eyes that twinkled like the stars. She just walked past him.”

The Portal Under the Couch

“‘We’re going to the beach all summer this year!’ said Mom. ‘Isn’t that exciting?’ ‘NO!!!’ I screamed. ‘There is an awesome summer camp that I’m finally old enough to go to this year! Me and Leah and Nick have been waiting to be old enough to go there since we heard about it when we were seven!!'”

Georgia’s Big Day

“Georgia, you shouldn’t be spending all your time just exploring in the wild! Just for that, I’ve asked Miss Divine to come over and teach you tea party manners! We’re going to a fancy party tonight, and you have to know all your tea party manners, and other manners as well.”

Cooking is Hard!

“Maggie went up to her room, but instead of doing her homework, she wrote and doodled about being a famous chef. She imagined being a big star. A meat chef, not a pastry chef. She doodled about being really famous and winning a lot of awards and getting to meet the president.”


“Hi, I am Buttercup the pig. I live on a farm, and I’m the only pig. I am so lonely, and I need some friends. All the other animals are cows and horses and chickens. They don’t want to be friends with me, because they’re friends with their own species.”

The Complicated Way

“I don’t know how to begin this action story, but I do know that it began in a strange place: Yale Law School. There was a strange man and an annoying, young girl. They were both 20 years old, and they somehow got mixed up with each other and found that nothing was going to be normal.”

Joe the Bird

“‘No! No! Please, no!’ said Wormy. ‘I’ll do anything! Don’t feed me to you!’ ‘Okay, me and Suali were considering enlisting in the bird army. We’re fighting against those horrid humans in Germany that are trying to make birds extinct. Could you take care of our dear Joe?'”

The Class Election

“Eight-year-old Sam sat in class listening to his teacher, Phillip, who said, ‘We are going to have a class election.’ The second that Phillip said that, Sam knew that he wanted to be elected. He thought of a speech and a reason to be elected.”

Josh and the Bully

“There was a boy named Josh. He was nine. He liked video games. He woke up to find that a new one came out! He was watching his favorite show when a commercial came up that said a new video game had come out called The Assault on Mars. He wanted it bad. He was jumping off his seat!”

A Mermaid’s Home

“Once upon a time, there was a half-mermaid named Linna. She desperately wanted to go see her parents in the ocean. But she was an orphan and lived on land with her adopted parents. She was born in a bubble with half-air, half-water, and when she breathed in, she became a half-mermaid and half-human.”


“Sometimes, he played in the forest and looked for mushrooms to collect, but he heard that there was a kidnapper in the forest. He collected the mushrooms for no reason with his friend Bob, who just liked going to the forest. There were only squirrels in the forest, or at least that’s what he thought…”

Saving Yourself

“Gabi knew California would be terrible when she was on the plane, but she never imagined it like this. Gabi wanted a best friend more than anything, but her life made that impossible. She was new to South Middle and needed extra help in every subject. However, nobody gave it to her, so she was public enemy number one.”

The Pencils’ First Weekend

“4B was a party pencil that liked to do things that weren’t supposed to be done. She was the tallest pencil. 2B was the shortest pencil, since she was the youngest, and 3B wasn’t too tall or too short. She was just right. Their biggest fear was getting their butt tips cut off in a sharpener or by the stupid chef.”


“On a sunny morning, a little girl opened her eyes to see a shadow in the corner of her room. As she slowly got up, the shadow disappeared in front of her. She walked downstairs and saw her mother in the kitchen as usual. Everything was normal. It must have been a mistake.”


“I remember the day when the UN solved the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. The day when it all started. On that day, as soon as the scientists discovered the material that made so many ships and planes become lost, NASA started receiving strange signals.”

Escape Till Dawn

“I would like to invite you to an estate like no other, a magical mansion, which holds many secrets. A dinner party. We will experience things you have never experienced before. I hope you respond to me as soon as possible. If, and when you do, come to the estate in a Victorian fashion.”

Things Above and Below Us

“Hello, I am The Narrator, and I am trying to write a nonfiction book about animals that live above and below us. I just finished eating my breakfast. And I am 37 years old. Currently I am at the beach, and I can see that there is a small bird named Mr. Bi- ‘HEY! WHO ARE YOU, AND WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ME?!’ the bird says.”

Stage After Stage

“So there she was, walking around a crossroad in the middle of nowhere. Looking around, 23-year-old Amanda, a puny cashier, was off to a clothing store. It was a sizzling yet gleaming Sunday morning. The cars were driving, and the children were skipping.”

The Battle Cats

“Once in Old San Juan, there was a doge who wanted an army so that he could lead the army and be their king. But to get to the army, he first needed the iPad in order to suck himself in it and join the game, since doges are magical creatures. In order to get the iPad, he needed to get past a human who didn’t like doges.”

The Baby Turtle

“It took the turtle six hours to reach the ocean. Once it reached the ocean, the waves reached out and grabbed the baby turtle. The baby turtle knew that if she could find other turtles, she would find out what her name was, but the ocean was really big, and it would be a long trip.”


“Once upon a time, there was a boy named Leo. He lived in Kingstown, but one day, a tornado broke the village. Kingstown never gets tornadoes, so it had to be the evil wizard. Leo was also a wizard, but not a trained, good wizard. The master’s wisdom told him that Leo was ready to attack the bad wizard.”

The Game

“I, Jammy, was in my house, getting ready for bed. I changed into my pajamas, and walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth. My teeth were as clean as fresh snow. After a day of continuous running from sports, I was tired when I went to bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was sleeping.”

The Monster Chronicles

“Once, there was a blue monster from Antarctica. That’s why he was blue. He had one black eye, two white horns, and dark blue patches on his blue body. He came to Brooklyn. He went to school there. Some of the people in the school threw chocolate over his head. All he wanted was love. But he couldn’t get it, because he looked like a big, angry monster whenever they put chocolate on his head.”

A Date at the Fair

“Ginger and Fred met at the fish game during the fair. They met each other by just looking around at all the fish in their bags. When they saw each other, it was love at first sight. They were lucky to be close enough to touch. They tried to kiss, but they tasted plastic instead of each other’s lips. It was gross!”

Past Mistakes

“Her black hair swayed in the wind. Her weak body shivered, both of cold and of fear. Her bright eyes and pale skin were the only things they had in common. As if land morphed to her fear, ravens cawed and bloodhounds howled. The moon shone darker, and the trees withered around them.”

The Moonlit Path

“We ran through the pine woods and towards the creek. Finally, I cornered her between me and a rock. I didn’t take one moment to hesitate. I crouched down and pounced on my sister, pinning her to the leafy ground. I let go of her, and we rolled onto our backs, looking at the sky, letting darkness surround us.”

Crayon Monster

“Crayon Monster wanted to go on the 5 train, but all the trains were out of order. He was furious! He blew rockets out of his head and mouth. They flew everywhere. Nobody got hurt. Everyone else was at home because it was early in the morning.”

Sheepy the Sheep

“Once upon a time, there was a killer sheep name Sheepy. Sheepy’s mom wanted Sheepy to be a gamer. But Sheepy wanted to make lots of money, and the only way he could think of getting rich was stealing. He stole a quintillion dollars from banks, shops, anything that would get him money.”

Class 306 And Mr. Broom

“So once in third grade, we had a substitute teacher who was evil. His name was Mr. Broom, and once, I was putting a bin over to one of the shelves. Then the shelves knocked down on me, and he told me to clean it up. And he said for no one else to help. And he wouldn’t let us use the bathroom, so I peed in my pants once. And he was just completely evil.”

Phase One

“No one knew when the house appeared. All they knew was that it wasn’t recorded in any construction book. None of the supply companies had a clue what it was either. It seemed like it had just… appeared. All the kids were a little freaked out by it. Actually, thinking back, everyone was scared of the house. All they knew was that the lights turned on at night and were off in the day.”

The Great Adventure

“Once upon a time, there was a boy named John who went in the forest alone without his parents and got lost. He lived in the forest for seven years. He liked living in the forest. He ate different types of berries. He made friends with parrots and woodpeckers.”


“’If the trip to Mexico is in a few weeks, then why are we packing now?’ ‘It was just decided at 12 o’clock that the trip will be today. By the way, it is at 4 o’clock  in the morning right now. The trip is at 5 o’clock in the morning.’ Daniel’s mouth hung open like a broken glove compartment.”


“‘Your science project needs to be creative,” Jeffrey’s science teacher croaked, “so I do not want to see any baking soda volcanos, or — ‘ Ring!!! The bell chimed as all the students got up and rushed out of the school. Jeffrey grabbed his backpack, hopped on his skateboard, and rode down the road with his best friend, Matt.”

The Escape

“Three years ago, a panda was born in a forest that was being cut down. All the pandas were being taken to the zoo by a hunter named Bob and his wife named Blobana, so that the forest could be cut down. They both had over thirty years of experience and threatened to kill all the animals if only one did not go to the zoo.”

Falling Petals

“My dad was a scientist. He invented a black rose the could turn into any medicine. One day, my family was sitting down and watching my dad invent the black rose. He was using some rose petals, dirt, Mount Everest water, ground cinnamon tree leaves, and mud from the Dead Sea.”

Statue Hunter

“He always walked down the unnamed street when he wanted to be alone, which was often. He liked it because no one ever walked on it except him. When people came to the entrance of the street, they always walked past it like it was not there.”

Dread of War

“John loaded his rifle as his fellow troops dropped dead on the ground, covered in blood. A grenade landed on John’s sandbag. He quickly threw it back, but a sniper had been aiming at John. He was gonna get shot without even knowing it… “